Partridge in a Pear Green (Organic)

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This Fukamushi (deep-steamed) Sencha base yields a very smooth and slightly sweet cup, and bright green liquor. Lush pear notes do not overpower the quality of the leaf. Subtle and refined.


Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea, Organic safflowers, natural pear extract

Caffeine Content: Low

Water Temperature: 80C/175F

Steep Time: 2 mins

One teaspoon per 6 ozs water


"I tend to move to green tea in the afternoon, and this blend is gently revitalizing while also soothing. I love that I get both the excellent leaf profile AND pear on the palate, instead of one dominating the other. It’s not bitter which also helps. A perfect tea for contemplation or to share with a dear friend." - Lauren, owner and co-founder since 2010