Honeybush (Organic)

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A cousin to rooibos, this tea has a wonderfully sweet, slightly astringent flavor with deep overtones of honey – its namesake!  Steeps naturally sweeter as compared to the earthiness of rooibos. We recommend adding a spoonful of honey to help open the flavour, and brighten up the natural honey-like character of the leaves.


Ingredients: Organic honeybush. 

Caffeine Content: None

Water Temperature: freshly boiled

Steep Time: 5+ mins

One heaping tsp per 8 ozs water 


"Sweeter than its sister, rooibos, honeybush is another South African bush that loves to be converted into a delicious brew! Enjoy this drink hot or iced.  I actually prefer honeybush to rooibos, and like to blend it with a sprinkle of peppermint and lemongrass!" - Patrice tea tender 2010-2019