Mango Pear White

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Delicate white peony tea leaves and buds form the foundation for this blend. The mild floral earthiness of Pai Mu Tan weaves perfectly with the natural fruity sweetness. Beautifully nuanced and an easy-drinking all day tea. Drink hot or iced. Can be resteeped.


Ingredients: Pai Mu Tan (white tea), apple pieces, freeze-dried mango cubes, natural flavouring, marigold blossoms.

Origin: China

Caffeine Content: Low 

Water Temperature: 85c/185f

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

One heaping teaspoon per 6-8 ozs water


“Oh how I love this tea. I find it takes an over-steep easily without getting bitter, which is good for my brain. Fruit forward but doesn’t dominate the leaf. Resteep so long as your first steep isn’t more than 5-10ish mins. It’s also excellent iced. Or room temperature if you’ve forgotten about it....” - Lauren, co-founder and owner since 2010

“My favourite Spring Seasonal is the Mango Pear White! I’ve hardly tried any white teas, and this one was super pleasant. I like how light it is; some teas can be overpowering to me. It seems like a tea I can drink at any time, regardless of my mood! The variety you get with different steeping times, affecting the intensity of the fruitier notes, was another thing that got me hooked on this tea. I tried it again on Sunday and it ended up steeping for about 8 minutes while I helped customers, and it was still very enjoyable!” - Claire, employee since 2020