Earl Grey Rooibos (Organic)

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This blend of organic rooibos and cold pressed bergamot gives you all satisfying flavours of a strong earl grey without the caffeine! Rich in flavour, and recommended to enjoy with a splash of milk, or however you generally take your earl grey.


Ingredients (all Organic): Rooibos, cold-pressed bergamot oil, blue cornflowers. 

Caffeine Content: None

Water Temperature:  Boiling

Steep Time: 5+ mins

One heaping tsp per 8 ozs water


"Craving a deliciously reliable cup Earl Grey, but looking to stay away from the caffeine kick? Earl Grey Rooibos will be your new best friend. Even though there is no caffeine in Rooibos, it loves to have milk and milk alternatives added to it, which is perfect, as I always take my Earl Grey with milk and honey!" - Patrice, tea tender 2010-2019