Hojicha (Organic)

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Traditional Japanese green tea  that is roasted, filling the palate with toast and caramel. Our previous Hojicha was made with Chinese green tea, but our new import is from a Japanese garden. It is a higher grade of leaf, and features a smoother finish. 


Ingredients: Organic roasted green tea

Origin: Japan.

Caffeine Content: Low 

Water Temperature: 85C/185F

Steep Time: 1-3 mins (or can be left longer as it doesn’t get bitter as easily as steamed and pan-fired green teas)

One teaspoon per 8 ozs water

"Sweet, toasty and silky. This Hojicha is easily one of the smoothest cups of tea I have ever had the privilege to sip on. The roasted leaves smell comforting, and the amber colour of the liquor is a treat to look at. Also, try this as a latté. DO IT. "

- Ranae, Manager (2017-2023)