Jasmine Dragon Tears

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Very high quality white-tending, hand-rolled green tea balls open into fragrant long green leaf tendrils once water is poured over. Very fragrant and smooth palate. Calming and contemplative.  An aromatic tea with lighter body texture.


Ingredients: Green Tea hand rolled, jasmine. 

Origin: Zhejiang, China.

Caffeine Content: Low 

Water Temperature: 90C/195F

Steep Time: 1 min. (don't discard leaves as tea can be resteeped 5-6 times.)

One teaspoon per 8 ozs water


"This traditional tea is bursting with flavour, longevity, and delight! When it comes to green tea, I prefer it lightly brewed, and only steep the leaves for a maximum of 2 minutes. If a strong cup of green tea is your preference, place the leaves directly into your cup and add the water. The dragon tears will sink to the bottom of your cup and then begin to unfurl before your eyes. Do not throw the leaves away after one steep! Unlike some other tea blends, this tea will keep on giving, offering you the opportunity to re-steep many times!"  - Patrice, tea tender 2010-2019