Lapsang Souchong

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A beautiful leaf, Lapsang Souchong offers a brisk character with the quintessential, heady aroma of an oak fire. "Campfire tea".


Ingredients: Chinese black tea

Caffeine Content: Medium

Water Temperature: Boiling

Steep Time: 3-5 mins

One teaspoon per 8 ozs water 


" Tea is nostalgic for me so Great Wall’s Lapsang takes me back to childhood adventures with its campfire aroma. The smokiness of this tea isn’t for everyone but I love it! The flavour is earthy, but not dirty, and can have a touch of fruity (almost date-like) in the palate. Like when you were a kid and you gathered pine needles and leaves to make imaginary tea... but this time it works out to be delicious. I have it with cream or milk and occasionally a small spoon of honey if I over- steep." SJ, customer since 2010