Pink Blossom (organic)

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A bouquet of a tea that is blended solely for us as a GWT exclusive! Similar to our discontinued Cherry Blossom, this offering provides an experience of freshly blossoming spring. The Earthy green base nicely offsets the fruit and floral top notes. Light steeper.




Ingredients (organic): Chao Quin green tea, rose petals, sakura cherry blossom, + cherry and pineapple natural flavouring.

Caffeine Content: Low 

Water Temperature: 85c/185f

Steep Time: 1-3 mins

One rounded teaspoon per 8 ozs water

“This tea is gentle and grounding. The flavouring is more nuanced and less in-your-face, which works for me as someone who always chooses traditional greens. I prefer it to our former Cherry Blossom for this reason.” - Lauren, co-owner/founder since 2010