Sweet Dreams

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Our in-house blend is a tidy combo of three of our favourite herbals: lavender, organic chamomile, and organic honeybush. The relaxing and sedative qualities of lavender and chamomile make this an excellent blend to have in the evening or before bedtime. Make sure to keep covered while steeping.

Ingredients:   organic honeybush, lavender, organic chamomile.

Caffeine Content: None

Water Temperature: boiling

Steep Time: 5+ mins.

One teaspoon per 8 ozs water


"Relaxation at its' finest. The perfect union of floral lavender, earthy chamomile and sweet honeybush. Sometimes I will add some milk and honey to it and it reminds me of the warm drink my mom used to make me before bed as a child." - Maddie, tea tender 2017-2020