Waterfront (Organic)

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Very brisk and pungent herbal blend that is revitalizing and great for clearing the head. The bright peppermint and spearmint and grounded by the inclusion of chamomile and honeybush. Light floral notes pop in on top. Great for after a meal, to help with a headache, or anytime you need refreshment!


Ingredients: Peppermint + Spearmint leaves, Honeybush, Camomile + Hibiscus + Rose + Calendula + Osmanthus petals.

Caffeine Content: None

Water Temperature: Freshly boiled

Steep Time: 5+ mins

One heaping tsp per 8 ozs water


"Waterfront is my favourite herbal tea - its minty and floral notes of peppermint, spearmint, and chamomile make for a great cup of tea. I leave this one to steep for five minutes and drink it plain, although it does pair wonderfully with honey as well. It helps to calm the body and mind very effectively, so having it at night or before bed is common for me!

- Claire, tea tender (2020-2023)